App store subscription not activating

Posted by Kyle Hankinson Febuary 2, 2021


Uninstall the app and reinstall it from the App Store. (No data will be lost).


The App Store uses 'Receipts' generated by macOS to let SQLPro know that a subscription is valid. Normally users never need to know about these receipts, as its all taken care of in the background. In some cases, receipts may not be downloaded and even though you have paid for the app it may not recognize this. If this happens, a steps can be taken:

First, try the 'Restore purchase' button on the subscription dialog. Unfortunately, this does not always seem to work.

The second method which has yet to fail, is to Uninstall the app then re-install from the App Store. SQLPro stores your connections securely in the iCloud keychain so no data is lost doing so.


This may continue to occur. Sadly, developers using the Mac App Store have no control over this. If you find this problem persists, I suggest purchasing via the SQLPro website (and use the promo code MAS10 to save 10%). Purchasing through the SQLPro website does not require Apples Receipts and is a much smoother experience for those running into this issue.

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