License key FAQ

Posted by Kyle Hankinson June 29, 2021

Can I use SQLPro on multiple platforms?

SQL Pro can be used on multiple platforms when you purchase a yearly or monthly license from the SQLPro website. A monthly or yearly license purchased via the website will work on the iOS, macOS and Windows verison. SQLPro for SQLite is the one exception to this rule.

Can I use my lifetime license on multiple platforms?

Unfortunately, no. Lifetime purchases are single-platform only. As an independent developer, subscriptions are how the app can continue to maintain a revenue stream and allow me to continually improve and develop the applications. Lifetime is provided only for those users who absolutely wish to avoid a subscription but does require a purchase for each platform.

Can a purchase from the macOS/iOS/Windows app store be used on multiple platforms?

No. While Apple did add the ability for iOS and macOS apps to share purchases, they only added it for apps. At the time SQLPro was already in the store for more than five years and did not get this ability.

I purchased via the App Store, can I get a license key?

Unfortunately, not. Generally, I recommend requesting a refund via the app store, then purchasing via the website.