Autocomplete delay

Posted by Kyle Hankinson June 30th, 2020

The autocomplete delay option is a perference which allows users to determine the time it takes for the autocomplete window to be displayed when typing in the query editor. It can be found on the General page of SQLPro Preferences.

The default autocomplete delay is 1.25 seconds. With the delay, autocomplete would appear as follows.

autocomplete default

Setting the autocomplete delay to 0 would display autocomplete after most-every keystroke.

autocomplete default


When entering a database, schema or table, followed by a period, such as:

SELECT * FROM myDatabase.

Autocomplete will instantly appear showing all children of the parent object.

Autocomplete will also not appear automatically after the following characters: ;\"),

It has generally been found that users tend to want whitespace (such as a newline, space, tab, etc) after those characters. Autocomplete can still be triggered by hitting escape.

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